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Division of Animal Experiments and Experimental Animal House


Tasks of the Department

Methodological, regulational and cooperational tasks

Participation in the creation of professional protocol directives of the George de Hevesy Hungarian Society of Nuclear Medicine and the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber.

Research tasks in application of radioisotopes and animal experimentation

Activities of the Department mainly relate to the application of open radioisotopes in public health, agriculture and veterinary science. Their work includes consultancy and preparation of the field’s official rules and regulations, writing of methodology protocols, research in the field’s actual problems, and providing continuous education for experts in the field. The Department continuously communicates the status and recent advances of the field for the professional arena and the wider public. The Department perform in vivo animal experiments using radioisotopes. They represent the field in national and international societies, committees and conferences.

The Department have been the founder of veterinary nuclear medicine in Hungary in which area they still continue scientific work. Not only laboratory animals but spontaneously diseased (mostly tumorous) dogs and cats are also subjects of their non-invasive medical research.

Funding for their scientific work is maintained through active and successful grant applications. National supporting agencies include(d) the Council of Health Science, the National Scientific Research Fund, and the Fund for Science and Technology. International grant support includes the International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Commission.

Research Topics

Scientific organization, expert and education tasks

Dr Lajos Balogh is a Founder and President of the Board of the Foundation for Cancerous Animals, Founding Member and President of the Hungarian Society of Veterinary Oncology, President of the Hungarian Committee for Alternative Protocols (hucopa), member of ”George de Hevesy Hungarian Society of Nuclear Medicine where is a member of the Controlling Committee and he presides the Section of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine. He is Regional President, Hungarian Republic for the World Association of Hungarian Veterinarians.

Dr Balogh is a Member and habilitated Tutor in the Doctoral School of Szent István University, Budapest.

The Department organize and provide undergraduate education in the following four subjects at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Szent István University, Budapest: Radiobiology for Vets (in Hungarian), Radiobiology for Vets (in English), Veterinary Nuclear Medicine (in Hungarian), Veterinary Nuclear Medicine (in English), and are giving lectures in several undergraduate and graduate courses at the same Faculty.

Journal editorships: Dr Balogh is an Editor of the journal Kisállatpraxis (Small Animal Practice, in Hungarian) and acts as a Reviewer in the following periodicals: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica, Reproduction of Domestic Animals, Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Methods, Nuclear Medicine Review, Journal of Veterinary Medicine A, Kisállatpraxis.

The Department performs the following studies in the framework of research co-operation or contract-based research:

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