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13th International Conference on Thermal Engineering and Thermogrammetry

18-20 June 2003, NRIRR, Budapest, HUNGARY

Detailed web site including abstracts and presentations is hosted by
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at http://www.dsy.hu/thermo

List of Presentations

Plenary Lectures
I. Dincer, M. M. Hussain:
Modelling of two-dimensional heat and moisture transfer during drying of cylindrical products
L. I. Kiss, T. Meenken:
Determination of fast changing heat fluxes along the surface a water-film cooled ingot

Infrared imagery and analysis
I. Benkő:
Analysis of thermal bridges of building structures through infrared thermograms
D. Bisorca, I. Ionel, F. Popescu, S. Ionel, C. Ungureanu:
Air quality investigation by means of remote sensing with application to CO thermodynamic measurements in the city of Timisoara
I. Boras, S. Svaic:
Thermography and 3D numerical method - a tool for determination the material thermal properties
M. Honner, P. Litos:
Thermographic analysis of the hot-air soldering of the electronic circuit board
Z. Hrytskiv, V. Hoy, P. Kondratov:
Optimization of scannig mode for pyroelectric vidicon based thermal imaging cameras
S. Panier, Ph. Dufrénoy, P. Brémond:
Infrared characterization on thermal gradients on disc brakes
B. Wiecek, R. Danych, S. Zwolenik:
Infrared systems for fast thermal process investigation
A. Wyckhuyse, X. Maldague:
Infrared thermography for wood decay detection

Combustion and environmental protection
S. A. Aipshtein, E. G. Gorlov, A. A. Laktionov-Mandelshtam, I. V. Safonov:
Method of the quantitative and qualitative analysis composite fuels
S. A. Aipshtein, O. I. Suprunenko, M. I. Rogailin, V. U. Chunaev:
The control of CVD-process at the carbon-carbon materials production
Y. Ajabshirchy, V. Pirouzpanah, I. Randjbar, A. Mohebby:
Experimental investigation of effect of different locations of cold EGR fluid on performance and pollutant in carburated SI engines
S. Dhimdi, P. Vandevelde:
Dimensionless formulation for heat and smoke evacuation
V. V. Ghia:
Burning improvement of water-in heavy oil emulsion using combustion simulation
V. Goutiere, L. I. Kiss, W. Stevens, G. Walter:
Application of modern modeling tools for industrial burner characterizations
B. O. Kashani:
Consideration of the valve timing effect on performance and pollutants emission in dual-fuel Diesel engines
A. Liazid, M. Guen, B. Kerboua:
Mathematical model of unsteady mechanical characteristics of a diesel engine
L. Mihaescu, T. Prisecaru, A. S. Ene, M. Prisecaru:
Experiments and numerical simulations upon burning process of coal and wood biomass mixture in a pilot furnace of 2.5 MWt
M. R. Modaress-Razavi, G. A. Karim:
Examination of the dual-fuel engine performance using low BTU gaseous fuels
V. Pirouzpanah, K. Eisazadeh:
Effect of fuel cetane number on fuel consumption and emission characteristics of an indirect-injection diesel engine

Medicine and biology
K. Ammer:
Temperature of hot packs for medical treatment
A. K. Habboub:
Thermal evaluation of body support systems using thermogrammetry and interfacial temperaturte sensing
G. J. Köteles, I. Benkő:
Infrared picture analysis in the field of radiation biology
P. Murawski, A. Jung, J. Zuber, B. Kalicki:
An extendable database for thermal images archiv, project and realization
E. F. J. Ring:
History of quantitation of thermography

A. Bilgin, S. Caran, A. Bolatturk:
Geothermal resurces and mineral waters in Isparta and surrounding area
A. Eltez, N. Özbalta, A. Güngör, M. Eltez:
Thermodynamical test procedure of solar box cookers
A. Güngör, N. Özbalta:
Design of a greenhouse for solar drying of sultana grapes and experimental investigation on it
A. Durmus, A. Akbulut, F. Gulcimen:
Exergy analysis of biogas reactor with solar energy heat controlling and phase change material

Thermomechanics and defectometry
S. P. Gadaj, W. K. Nowacki, E. A. Pieczyska:
Thermal and mechanical characteristics during simple shear of materials
C. Gruss, B. K. Bein:
Study of transient oxidation using the modulated beam reflection technique
G. Kurilenko:
Non-destructive check up of fatigue durability on the basis of thermal phenomena
E. A. Pieczyska, W. K. Nowacki, S. P. Gadaj:
Polymers – interesting aspects of thermomechanical couplings during relaxation processes
G. Riegert, G. Kunz, R. Nothhelfer-Richter, G. Busse:
Early detection of corrosion damage under coatings with thermographic methods
A. Can, E. Buyruk, Y. Can:
Heat bridges effects on heat loss and heat gain at buildings

Heat and mass transfer
B. Al-zgoul:
Heat exchange during the process of ice production on the outer surface of the pivotal crystallizer
T. Ayhan, M. B. Nabhan:
Channels with baffles and their turbulent heat transfer, pressure drop and enhancement
C. Biserni, E. Lorenzini, A. Fichera, A. Pagano:
Experimental analysis of the dynamics of system exhibiting vapotron effect
G. Desrayaud, M. Marcoux, A. Fichera, A. Pagano:
Analytical model for natural convection in a rectangular cavity with heated vertical walls
M.-G. Kang:
Effects of tube inclination on nucleate pool boiling heat transfer
Y. Kaptan, E. Buyruk, A. Can, A. Fertelli:
Numerical investigation of heat transfer and flow sturctures of circular and elliptical tubes in forced convection
N. Akbaba, A. Arisoy, F. Ozguc:
Theoretical study of the effect of moisture on coal drying
I. Szucs, A. B. Palotas, L. Papp:
Determination of refractory lining thickness of high temperature equipment using Thermovision

Infrared radiation
I. Biris, Cr. Deac, A. Voicu:
Radiative heat exchange intersification in heating furnaces
G. Cuccurullo, F. Santoro, V. Pierro:
A procedure for measuring microwave penetration depth
K.-D. Gruner:
Modern infrared thermometers – trends and applications
C. Gruss, R. Huttner, B. K. Bein:
Theoretical and experimental analysis of a photothermal modulation technique for application to moving samples
B. Soroka, V. Zgurskyy, K. Pyanykh:
Development of the Monte-Carlo method to predict radiative heat transfer within the boilers and furnaces S7IR07
B. Wiecek:
Quantum-well versus thermal detectors
J. L.Tissot, J. P. Chatard, S. Tinnes, B. Fieque:
320x240 uncooled microbolometer 2D array for radiometric appications

M. M. Abu-Khader:
Mathematical expressions of temperature disturbances through two heat exchangers in series
A. Galovic, M.Zivic, B. Halasz:
The analysis of the entropy production and heat transfer efficiency of a crossflow heat exchanger
Gy. Grof:
An evaluation procedure in determining the thermal diffusivity in use of the flash method
B. Halasz, M. Tadic, S. Mudrinic:
Analysis of the entropy production in a counterflow cooling tower
S. Khandekar, M. Groll:
Pulsating heat pipes - study on a two-phase loop
V. Nikulshin, C. Wu, M. Bailey, V. Nikulshina:
Optimization of heat exchanger networks on thermoeconomical graphs
S. Torii, W.-J. Yang:
Non-Fourier conduction in a thin film using MacCormak's predictor-corrector numerical scheme
W. Bauer, J. Bauer:
Calculation of the unsteady heat conduction in multi-layer walls
W. Bauer, M. Rink, K. Smit:
Spectral emissivities of graphite
W. Bauer, T. Funke:
Optimization of the construction of multi-layer furnace walls for steady-state heat transfer conditions

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