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E R R 2 0 0 4 - B U D A P E S T

EULEP Workshop

"Latent times to deterministic late effects after radiation exposure"

09:00-11:00Chair: W. Dörr, A. Van der Kogel
20W. DörrIntroduction: Validity of the latent time concept
45H. JungProbability for late normal tissue reactions
45M. RezvaniDose dependence of latent times after radiotherapy
11:30-12:30Chair: M. Verheji, J. Wondergem
30R. U. PeterAdvances in diagnosis and pathophysiological understanding of radiation injuries. Progress of the NAIMORI Project of the EC
30J. W. HopewellFactors influencing the latent period for acute radiation damage to the skin and implications for so called consequential late effects in cutaneuous tissues
13:45-15:00Chair: H. Jung, M. Rezvani
30J. Jaal, W. DörrRadiation-induced changes in protein expression in the urinary bladder: a continuum
30M. Verheji Radiation-induced kidney damage: pathogenesis and interventional strategies
15:30-17:00 Chair: J. W. Hopewell, R. U. Peter
30A. Van der KogelThe latent time for cellular and tissue responses in the spinal cord
30J. Wondergem, J. J. C. M. Kruse, M. BoermaTime course of molecular and structural changes in the rat heart after local irradiation.
15W. DörrConcluding remarks

Revision: 21-09-2004