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Moores, B. Michael: Quality control in diagnistic radiology - its historical development, present and future status in Europe
Ciraj-Bjelac, Olivera - Kovacevic, Milojko - Kosutic, Dusko - Markovic, Srpko: Radiation dose levels for conventional diagnostic radiology examinations in Serbia
Kisielewicz, K. - Truszkiewicz, A. - Wach, S. - Budzanowski M.: Personal and enviromental dosimetric measurements using TLD method in Cardiac Catheterization Labratory (CathLab) at the Rzeszow's Regional Hospital No 2 Poland
Orel, V. E. - Dzyatkovskaya N. N. - Nikolov N. A. - Romanov A. V. - Morozoff A. B.: Computer aided quantitative control applied to image and radiation of X-ray equipment
Ciraj-Bjelac, Olivera - Loncar, Milan - Veljkovic, Dajana - Kovacevic, Milojko - Dusko, Kosutic: Patient dosimetry and image quality in conventional diagnostic radiology: an experience from a local Serbian hospital
Chougule, Arun: Quality assurance survey of X-ray machines and patient doses during various radiological procedures
Wasilewska-Radwanska, Marta - Araszkiewicz, Edward - Ploszaj, Adam - Cepiga, Anna: Evaluation of Quality Assurance for X-ray Mammography Equipment in Some Medical Departments of Malopolska District in Poland
Horváthová, M. - Nikodemová, D.: Quality Control of mammography departments in Slovakia
Koretskaya, Liubov - Bahnarel, Ion - Samotîia Eugenia: Medical and biological aspects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident influence on the population of the Republic of Moldova
Giussani, Augusto: Individual otimization of therapeutic applications and dosimetry of radiopharmaceuticals with the help of compartmental analysis
Wasilewska-Radwanska, Marta - Stepien, Artur - Natkaniec, Katarzyna: Patient and staff dose optimization in nuclear medicine diagnosis methods

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