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Division of Radiation Medicine and Biodosimetry (SOBO)


Main duties of the Division

The Division plays key role in national preparedness for medical management of overexposed persons in nuclear accidents or radiological emergencies. In this respect the main activities of both budgetary and EB staff members of this Division are:

Additional activities of the Division:


Publications by members of the Division are listed by name in the chapter ’Publikációk’ on the main page, in Hungarian.

Scientometric data of staff members of the Division

               Name               Total number of publicationsTotal number of peer-reviewed journal articlesTotal number of independent citations Cumulative impact factor
Dr. István Turai2635051167,199
Dr. Gabriella Bognár120476121,624
Katalin Szalma14803,500
Dr. Zoltán Somosy2106534840,488

Scientometric data of Dr. I. Turai (as of 15 April 2011)

Number of publications (1st author in) 263(156)
Number of papers in peer-reviewed periodicals in English18
In Russian2
in Hungarian30
Number of books and guidances written/also edited 45 (27)
Number of bookchapters written (in Hungarian) 34 (12)
Cumulative impact factor: 67.199
Number of independent citations (in books): 511 (28)
Number of papers presented at scientific conferences (English): 163 (104)
Number of lectures read at training courses (at home+abroad): 443 (151+292)

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